Mission Indradhanush Mobile App is the brainchild of Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU). The main objective of Mission Indradhanush App is to provide a user friendly interface to track the progress made under Mission Indradhanush by different states in a more comprehensive but less cumbersome manner.

The Mission Indradhanush Mobile App is a tool with the help of which immunization officers at different levels in National/State/District level will be able to showcase their performance in different rounds of Mission Indradhanush. The content and data available through this mobile app will be equally useful for policy makers, program managers at state and district level, immunization experts and general public as well.


The data for each of the 201 districts is regularly updated by Mission Indradhanush Control Room placed at ITSU and made available through this Mobile App after each round of Mission Indradhanush.

The Mission Indradhanush Mobile App keeps its user updated with all the information generated on and round Mission Indradhanush over Twitter, Facebook and on Mission Indradhanush Website. The information updated on these platforms are dynamically updated and users can see latest information without having to login to these social media platforms. The information appears on the app with just a tap on the icon.

The app is hosted on Google Play Store and it aims to bring transparency in the program and bring it closer to the community. Anyone can download the app and can see how the program has progressed during the period./